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A special Thank you to our SPONSORS:

(in alphabetical order)

    1. Bank of Stockton

    2. Bliss Bridal

    3. Canepa's Car Wash

    4. Career Academy of Cosmetology

    5. Chase Chevrolet

    6. Formal Connection

    7. Home Depot

    8. Mr. James Walters

    9. Maggie’s Bridal

    10. NC Bridal

    11. Papapavlo’s Restaurant

    12. Southern Exposure

    13. Stockton Lion’s Club

    14. Stockton Moose Lodge #391

    15. Wonderful Individuals like you!!!

    Our 2016 Schools:

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    Mailing address:

    2323 Pacific Ave

    Stockton, CA  95204

    If you would like to make a donation, make checks payable to: “BBBprom” and mail to:

    Bibbibi Bobbidi Boo

    c/o Southern Exposure

    2323 Pacific Ave

    Stockton, CA  95204  Thank you for your interest!


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

We send great teens to their Prom

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo is a not-for-profit, 501c3 corporation whose sole purpose is to provide prom for some of Stockton’s most deserving teens.  A “Prom Scholarship” to our most deserving teens.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo works with local businesses to provide girls with a beautiful donated dress, formal hairstyle, professional makeup, and manicure.  Boys receive a tuxedo rental and dinner-for-two.

How We Work. We work with the counselors from each school, asking them to select the teens for our program.  Each student must be a senior, meeting their school’s criteria for grades and attendance.  BBB’s only requirement is that the family is unable to afford prom for them.  There is no application process, no financial approval (the counselors know which kids might benefit the most).  The counselors present our program to the student in the spirit which it is intended, as a special scholarship award.

Southern Exposure and the Career Academy of Cosmetology donate their time and talents to provide the girls with their salon make-overs.  The Formal Connection provides our boys with handsome, professionally  fitted, high quality tuxedos, selected by the student.  Papapavlo’s provides our boys with dinner-for-two.  These special businesses are what make our program possible.  Financial donations from our community are what makes it happen.

How can you help?. 

We always need more dresses!!!  We have up to 70 girls adopting dresses at our annual “Dress Adoption Day."  So we need hundreds of dresses for them choose from.  We collect long and short, sassy and demure, and always classy dresses.  Dresses can be dropped off at Southern Exposure Tuesdays thru Saturdays, all year long.  Dresses can also be mailed to Southern Exposure.  (Sorry, we cannot reimburse your shipping costs).

Financial donations are always needed.  For each school we like to send 4 boys and 8 girls.  100% of all donations goes to the teens, so for only $360, we are able to send 12 great teens per school (not to mention their dates who get to go as well).  That’s only $30 per teen. 

What Our Boys Need To Know:

Each student will be contacted by our prom coordinator.  She will direct the boys go to Formal Connection at 6019 Pacific Ave to select and reserve their tuxedo.  Please do this no later than two weeks before prom.  BBB provides the store with a list of our awardee’s names. Tell them your name and show them your ID. We will prepay for your tuxedo rental.

Next we will ask you about your plans for dinner.  Papapavlo’s is our participating restaurant.  You may reserve a table for up to six people for your prom night dinner.  We will prepay for your and your date's dinner.  Your friends would be paying for their own.  If you elect to have dinner on us at Papapavlo’s, tell your prom coordinator what time for your dinner reservation and the number in your party.  Keep in mind you should arrive 15 minutes early for your reservation.  If you're late, you could lose your reservation.

What Our Girls Need To Know:

Each student will be contacted by our prom coordinator.  She will give you the details of our big “Dress Adoption” day.  This will be a one day only event, so be sure to make it!

Next she will schedule your  prom day salon services.  While you're counting the days till prom, be thinking how you’d like your hair styled.  On prom day, arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair and arrive on time.  If you have a preferred foundation makeup, you may bring it with you.  Please allow up to three hours for your salon service.

If possible, please bring your dress and shoes with you to the salon.  There will be a professional photographer there to take your picture, with your or your parents' permission.

What Our Parents Need To Know:

Thank you for raising such an impressive teen.  It’s kids like yours that give Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo the excellent reputation that we have with all the wonderful professionals that work with them, getting them off to their prom.  Your teen has been selected by their counselor to be awarded our prom scholarship based on his/her own effort, determination and unique charm.

We are pleased to provide all our prom services to your teen, at no cost to you.


Put it together and what have you got...

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!!!